Website invitation to participate

Art Project: Performing Capital

Name of researcher…. Aindriu Macfehin

Name of Supervisor(s) …Dr. Peter Shand and Mr. James Speers

Researcher Introduction


My name is Aindriu Macfehin.

I am a doctorate student at Elam School of Fine Arts,

University of Auckland.

I have had a lifelong interest in how capital forms our world and

my work is looking at presenting an artwork

that is focused on the book Capital by Karl Marx.

It will be a collectivized work, and is a performance

based work made by a diverse group of people

who may or may not consider themselves artists.

Project Description and Invitation


I would like to invite you to take part in the work that I am

currently undertaking as part of

my Doctorate in Fine Arts.  The part you would play,

would be to agree to read a minimum of

one paragraph, from an online version of Capital that

I will supply the online link

to. (Capital here is the book Capital by Karl Marx) 

You would then enact your understanding of what you have

read and submit your enactment in

the form of an audio file, a video file, or an image file.

(more in depth instructions will be given in the document

Instructions for Performing Capital)



All participants must be of an age that is legally adult

in their respective counties.

All participants take responsibility for their own health,

physical and mental, in the

making of the work. The reading of this document

The Participant Information Sheet,

the Instructions for Performing Capital, and the

signing of the Consent Form,

are taken as compliance with these criteria by the artist.

Participant’s performance may include their own image or voice,

and you will need to give consent to this.

These three documents (The Participant Information Sheet,

 the Instructions for Performing Capital,

and the Consent Form) must be read and signed by you before

you can participate in the project. They will all be available

for download on

the  Document page on .

Contributors will not have the right to direct the form of the

final artwork.

The artwork will be used as an online installation, and be viewable

on the website

for the duration of its showing as part of the Doctoral process.

Project procedures


Please see attached form Instructions for Performing Capital.


Data storage/retention/destruction/future use.


The files you submit will go towards a larger artwork. It will be

used as part of an online art installation

on that is part of my Doctoral Thesis.

All files submitted will be kept on a secure server at the University of Auckland

and will be destroyed after 6 years.


Right to withdraw from participation


You will have the right to withdraw yourself and your data up to four weeks

from when you submit your files without giving

a reason. 

Anonymity and Confidentiality


I would like to name you in the final work. However, if you do not wish to

be named please make that

clear to the artist (contact details below).

You can also contact me through the contact page on

this website.

Please note that, even if you choose not to be named, it

is possible you could be identified by voice or image.

I cannot guarantee confidentiality as it may be possible

for a viewer to identify you in the final artwork. 

Contact Details

Professor Diane Joy Brand

Dean Creative Arts& Industries

Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries

University of Auckland

+64 9 923 4959

Aindriu Macfehin, Research Student

Elam School of Fine Arts

University of Auckland

Dr. Peter Shand, Supervisor

Head of Deparment

Elam School of Fine Arts

University of Auckland

+64 9 923 3423

James Speers, Co-Supervisor

Elam School of Fine Arts

University of Auckland

+64 9 923 5006

For any concerns regarding ethical issues you may

contact the Chair, the University of Auckland Human

Participants Ethics Committee, at the University of Auckland,

Research Office, Private Bag 92019,

Auckland 1142. Telephone 09 373-7599 ext. 83711.


Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants

Ethics Committee on 14-Feb-2017…… for three years,

Reference Number …018538………


Elam School of Fine Arts

Building 431, 20 Whitaker Place

Auckland, New Zealand

T +64 9 923 8000


The University ofAuckland

Private Bag 92019

Auckland 1142

New Zealand