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It is 150 years since the publication of Das Kapital. It is 100 years since the 1917 revolution. This is an auspicious time to make art outside of capital. 

This Event invites you to make an artwork based on the book Capital by Karl Marx. You are, and can be, an artist. I will be posting videos on the website to help anyone who feels making an artwork is beyond them. It is not beyond anyone to make an artwork.

How to Participate.

I am asking collaborators to read a minimum of one paragraph of Capital by Karl Marx and respond with a performance based artwork. 

Even if you have never made an artwork in your life you need not be afraid to do so now. We are making this artwork together. 

1:Read a paragraph of Capital( . You can read as much as you like but at least one paragraph.

2:Perform your understanding of what you have read.

What do I mean by 'perform'? We perform everyday. We speak, write, laugh, sing, whistle, walk, drive, drink beverages, and sleep, etc.. When we read Marx we might experience many things. Confusion, anger, loathing, happiness, or an epiphany about our present situation. We might focus on one word, or we might have ideas about what we have read as a whole. We can perform either of these things by talking to others, drawing our thoughts, making a song, playing the cello while thinking about what we have read. Your response is your own. I would like you to make your response available to this project. Together we can make a collective response to Capital (the book) which is in itself a critique of the system that orders our entire existence.

When you send me your response, you will also need to have visited the Documents page and filled in the forms available there because the University of Auckland, where I am at present doing my PhD at Elam School of Fine Arts, requires this for you to be included. (You will find these by pressing the "Collaborate" button below).

This artwork is an Event in the Badiouian sense. By collaborating we can make an artwork that opens up art making to an 'outside' of capitalism. The world is in a perilous position economically, socially, and ecologically. I believe Art can operate on a ground that is not capitalist and can be an instigator of a non capitalist world. Participating in this evental artwork is a revolutionary action. 

Thank you for collaborating.